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Preparation for Life

At the centre of what we do is to prepare your child for their future.

The Leys 'Currency'

We have our own 'Leys Currency' called 'The ley'. Children receive these for good work, a good answer, a kind action and lots more! The children are expected to look after their money in a wallet or purse, just like they should do with real money.

The Bank

The children all have their own account books where they can save their leys. We teach the children about credits, debits and managing their money. They can visit the bank to deposit their money.

The Reward Shop

Children can spend their leys in the school reward shop. Here there are a variety of items from cheaper items for 30 leys or more expensive items for 200 leys. These items are restocked regularly. The children can choose to save or spend more when they like.

Monitor Jobs

We have a variety of jobs in school from classroom jobs to whole school jobs. All children may apply for classroom jobs using an application form. Year 5 and 6 can apply for school jobs also using an application form. Only the most carefully written are chosen for the job, or the ones where the children can explain in depth why they feel they deserve the job. Pay roll goes round on a Friday and pays the children their wages (in leys) for the job they have done during the week.