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Our PE and Sports Curriculum                


Here at Leys Junior School we follow the Olympic and Paralympic Values of Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality.

To Physical Education makes a vital and unique contribution to each child's physical development, health and well-being. The physical education program should provide our children with opportunities to increase their self-confidence and skills in a safe, challenging and supportive environment. By providing a balance of individual and team, co-operative and competitive activities, it is intended to meet the needs of all individual children. 

Learning situations should be stimulating, enjoyable and challenging, based on progressive learning and varied teaching styles. Every opportunity should be made available to promote an understanding of the benefit of a healthy and active lifestyle and to help students establish and maintain healthy lifelong habits. 

Every student shall be physically educated. They shall develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, maintain physical fitness, regularly participate in physical activity, understand the short and long term benefits of physical activity and value and enjoy physical activity as an ongoing part of a healthy lifestyle. 

To support these values every child has 2 hours of PE per week.  On top of this we provide a wide variety of After School Sports Clubs supported by teaching staff and teaching assistants - please see our clubs timetable under the 'Children' tab for more information.



We also support children with their fitness ability in the same way that we support children with their academic ability. Children are encouraged to be active during break and lunch times. We have a play leader and mini leaders who set up games and promote physical activity, particularly for our least active children. All children also continue to work on their fitness during their PE lessons. 



In addition, every child this year will take part in at least three intra-level sports tournaments within school time.

Children who show individual talents in a particular sporting area, a keen interest in a certain sport, or who would love the opportunity to try a new sport, are chosen to compete against other schools in the many and varied Amber Valley School Sports Partnership Competitions.  We ensure that as many children as possible can compete by often taking B teams. These competitions are designed to be aimed at different groups of children and encourages those children who may have additional needs to take part in sports too. 




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