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Sports Competition News '19-'20


Look out for our competition news this year :)



Year 5/6 girls football. 

The girls started off the competition season brilliantly. They played really well as a team and were incredibly supportive of one and other. Well done girls! 






Year 5/6 boys football. 

We attended the boys football competition with an A and B team. All of the boys played to the best of their ability and were so motivated even when they faced defeats. Very well done to the A team who managed to achieve a fantastic 4th place out of the 14 teams who attended. 




Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics. 

The year 5/6 pupils who took part in the athletics said they had a fantastic time competing. Many of these children had attended this event in previous years and loved having the opportunity to compete once again. They managed to achieve 5th place out of the 11 large schools competing. Well done to all who competed. 





Year 3-6 Sportshall Athletics. 

Two teams attended the recent year 3-6 Sportshall Athletics competition. For many of these children it was their first inter-school competition, which was very exciting. A big well done to all who competed and a special mention to our A team who came 3rd place. 

Year 3/4 Sportshall Athletics. 

The year 3/4 team represented the school brilliantly at the final Sportshall Athletics competition of the year. The children competed to the very best of their abilities and did particularly well in the races. Well done everyone. 





Year 5/6 rugby. 

Mrs Bradley attended the tag rugby competitions with our teams again this year. She said that she thoroughly enjoyed taking the children as they were so well behaved and represented the school well. It sounds like we we played really well but that luck just wasn't on our side! Well done to all who attended the developmental tournament or the elite tournament.




Year 5/6 basketball. 

This was the first time Leys has entered the basketball competition so we were all very excited to see what the competition would be like. There were some fantastic teams playing and our team really held their own. Leys managed to secure a fantastic 3rd place over all. Really well done to all who attended. 






Year 3-6 Dance showcase. 

Our wonderful dance group performed two routines at the dance showcase at David Nieper Academy. The children had all worked hard on their timing and positions and it paid off of the night with two spectacular performances. Very well done to all who performed. 





Year 3/4 handball. 

We had two fantastic teams attend the handball competition. The two team captains led their teams well and helped them all to play some super games. Well done all.







Year 5/6 Futsal. 

We had a brilliant evening at the year 5/6 boys futsal. Six boys made up our wonderful team. All of the boys played really well and showed excellent teamwork and communication skills. Dan Magness (the World keepy uppy champion) was very complimentary about the boys and their skills, which is something to be really proud of. The boys managed to achieve 3rd place overall. Well done! 





Year 3-6 Boccia.

We attended the year 3-6 boccia competition recently and had a lovely afternoon. The children all represented the school well and had a brilliant time playing boccia against lots of different teams. Both of our teams won lots of their games and did really well. Well done to everyone who attended. 





Year 3/4 Dodgeball.

Mr Booth took our two year 3/4 teams to their dodgeball competition this year. He said all of the children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed competing. The A team managed to achieve a fanstastic joint 1st place overall! Mr Booth and several of our parents also ended up winning the parents game too!




Year 3-6 Dodgeball.

Our year 3-6 dodgeball teams had a brilliant afternoon at Alfreton Leisure Centre. The children were able to develop their skills at this fun and challenging game and had a great time doing so. Well done to both teams. 




Year 5/6 Dodgeball.

Our two year 5/6 dodgeball teams played a lot of fantastic games over the course of the night. They all competed to the best of their ability and should be very proud of the way they carried themselves. At Leys Junior School, we speak a lot about good sportsmanship and sporting values. We strive to embody the AVSSP School Games Values of Determination, Honesty, Passion, Respect, Teamwork & Self Belief. It was an honour to be presented with the honesty award at the end of this competition in recognition of the way that the children played with honesty and integrity. 







Year 5/6 Table Tennis.

We took an A and B team to this year's table tennis competition. After lots of practising at school, we had our fingers crossed for a good result. Our school managed to achieve 1st place overall with a combination of all of their results. A special mention must be made for Charlie who won every single match he played. Congratulations! 







Year 3/4 Mini Tennis.

Two teams attended the year 3/4 mini tennis competition. This competition requires a high level of skill and is always a tough challenge for all competitors. All of the children kept trying their very best even after facing some defeats. Well done to the eight children who attended and managed to win some of their individual games.